Paying more than 3p per minute for conference calling? Ouch.

*Phew* – You made it here, so that’s half the battle; knowing that 3p, or more, is too much. Now, if we hazard a guess, there’s one of two camps you’re in, if you’re spending 3p or more:

  1. You’re utilising a “free” service. Probably, if you’re in the UK, you’ve been hit with the dreaded 0844 4 73 73 73 number that will cost you close to 6p per minute, or, you’ve seen the mobile 87373 phone number on your bill, which comes in at more than 12p per minute!
  2. You’re with an archaic conference call provider, more often than not, without mentioning names, it’s one of the brands that is a telecoms company first and foremost, added conference calling, then forgot to keep funding it over the years, leaving you, the end user, typically a large corporation, a large bill, with an ageing system.

Stop paying 3p or more per minute for a conference call.

There are many great conference call providers in this industry now, you don’t need to utilise those horrendously expensive “free”, or archaic services. And, on the plus side for large corporations, or any business that utilises thousands of minutes per month for conference calls, the lower the price per minute will be. We’ve discussed recently about the impending recession and how conference calling should play a key roll in your cost saving exercises, but more to the point, we show you some calculations and expectations of what you should be paying per minute, and still receiving an excellent service, but for a ballpark for you, utilise more than 3,000 per month, 2p or less per minute should be easily achievable – over 5k, and you should be looking at pricing below 2p, easily.


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