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Starting a new business is not an easy matter. Every year, many new start-ups appear and last less than a year before, then the money runs out and they fail. One way to help a new business start-up to survive is to reduce costs, especially at first while the income builds up.


One way that a new business can save money is on the business premises. While shops and restaurants will need a dedicated property, many other businesses can operate successfully from a spare room at home. Think about where your customer base is; never be too far away from them if you can help it and if you can’t help it, then there is always the opportunity to conference call, instead of travelling expenses.


As an entrepreneur you would want to make money from your new business venture, but sometimes it is better to pay yourself just enough to live on until business picks up. Once the business is turning over a profit you can reward yourself financially for all the hard work.


While many new businesses require staff to run smoothly, staff costs can be a drain on income. It can pay to wait before hiring help or offering them a lower wage to start but with the promise of a share in profits at a later date to reduce immediate staff costs.

Unnecessary Purchases

All new businesses need equipment, but it is not necessary to spend a fortune to buy it. It might be better to spend less money on something with a lower specification or even buy second hand until the business is established.

It is important with a new business to keep on top of costs. By reducing spending in these areas it will help a business survive the difficult first few years and go on to be a success.