Minimising the Impact of COVID-19 on your business

We’ve written extensively in the past about how companies should encompass a conference call service in to their communications mix – not just for daily use, but as a backup way to communicate when fast, open, direct communication required. Examples being:

However, there’s also other good reasons too:

Now, with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have another event that highlights the need of superior communication in times of a crisis, with governments and businesses needing to make critical decisions on what to do with employees – wait for the virus to take hold before taking action, or deploy more draconian measures before things get out of hand.

Ultimately, we cannot make that decision for you, but once the decision has been made, you want to make sure you can take action swiftly, thus, a state of preparedness should be now.

Sign up to a conference call service and have peace of mind you’re good to go, if the unthinkable happens. Here’s a few tips to help you sort a provider: