It’s 2020 – stop settling for second best when it comes to conference calling services!

We all know what you should be getting from a conference call provider, i.e., excellent audio, but alas, in 2020, this will continue to be an issue, shockingly. And of course, that’s why we provide a curated best conference call provider list, but you should demand more from prospective providers.

We’ve written about this in the past, but we thought that it’s worth while recapping again how best to a provider that you’re leaving, and one that you’re potentially going to utilise.

From your current provider.

If your current provider isn’t meeting the required standards, don’t be glum about the situation, but we get it, there’s numerous things that probably are, or should be running through your mind:

  • We’re in a contract, 12 months left
  • I can’t be bothered moving us to a new provider, too much hassle re-training everyone, not to mention the impact on customers, prospective clients and suppliers we have our calls with
  • It’s just a few irritating audio issues, no big deal

Well, we’ll counteract these arguments/sticking points with the following

From a new provider.

From a new provider, when moving, you should prob about the issues with current provider and see how they are in comparison.

  • Can, or will new provider buy you out of contract with current provider? Of course, they will obviously price this in to your new prospective contract, but if you’re getting a BETTER service for same, if not more affordable price, it’s worth having the discussion, isn’t it?
  • Can, or will the new provider help you with the move to their system? I.e., many providers will now help you make the move, automating the process of moving, bringing data across, and perhaps even allowing you to keep current conference call details for hosts and attendees – simply now using the new providers dial in numbers.
  • Perhaps you feel current hindrances are absolutely not worth any upheaval (even if only the smallest of impact), in that case – check through current providers SLAs – are those small annoyances against their SLAs? If so, start playing whack a mole with them asap, in the nicest possible way, of course.

New to conference calling?

If you don’t have a current provider – read the full article below for some excellent additional, and incredibly important points to take in to account before signing up to a conference call providers service:

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