It doesn’t have to be crazy at work!

We recently wrote an article about the ‘real-life’ conference call viral video and, while being funny, was a bit too close for most of us that have utilised a shoddy conference call service in the past, so that’s exactly why we are writing this follow up; it doesn’t have to be crazy at work!

Any of this sound familiar:

  • 80-hour weeks
  • Packed schedules
  • Super busy
  • Endless meetings
  • Overflowing inbox
  • Unrealistic deadlines
  • Can’t sleep
  • Sunday afternoon emails
  • No time to think
  • Stuck at the office
  • All-nighters

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve got to check out the book ‘It doesn’t have to be crazy at work’, co-authored by CTO & Co-Founder of Basecamp, ‘DHH’ (David Heinemeier Hansson). It you’re feeling like a hamster spinning in a wheel, and any of the above bullet points sound familiar, read the god damn book! Here it is.

Laughably, an article recently popped up in regards to Jeff Bezos’s miracle ‘memo system’. Well, I suppose it’s always good to seed positive articles out in the wild, but this is nothing new. For any of us that do manage to create conference calls, or meetings that are productive, it comes down to this miracle ‘memo system’, which, let’s be honest, is nothing more that creating a good agenda for a meeting and ensuring it’s pushed out to attendees and other interested parties before the time of the meeting. Did you get the memo? Yeah, anyway, here’s Jeffo in his past life.

In all seriousness, have a good work life, it comes down to taking a breather and think about what you’re doing;

  • Is it worthwhile?
  • Is it a priority, above the other 101 things to do?
  • Do the other 101 things need to be done?

You’re not a hero for going around telling people you’re super busy. What’s this, the early 2000’s? No.

Work smart, not harder. Unless you work in McDonalds, then, well, get flipping those burgers pronto.


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