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Our recent poll has shown that there’s nothing more infuriating for conference calls users than when a providers service is down or severely degraded, but what can be done about it?

i. Check the status of the provider

Does the conference call provider have a service status page? This should be your first point of call.

ii. Contact the service provider

Contact customer service via our providers directory.

But wait. This sounds like a lot of faffing around, doesn’t it? The other problem is, that if there is a problem, knowing the status and contacting customer service teams to acknowledge this doesn’t get anything fixed. It also doesn’t get you on to your important, deal breaking conference call.

The only real option to consider

Let’s face it, no one is perfect and a service going offline, while  not common for most, will probably catch you out at some point. Thus, the only real option you have is to seek a back up conference call provider. Of course, depending on how important it is for you to always have a conference call service available to use, you may or may not want to be locked in to a secondary contract. Thus, your backup plan, more often than not, could be a secondary provider that’s either coming with a low monthly cost, or seek a PAYG (pay as you go) plan, thus, no charges unless you do make use of it.

View the UKs top 10 providers and select a backup provider, now

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