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iOS 12.1 brings Group FaceTime and new emoji to iPhone and iPad

First, with the positives! iOS 12.1 is bringing some mainstream conference call abilities to this ‘group’ FaceTime feature, such as:

  • Automatically detects active speaker – invaluable in large conversations, the new algorithm in Group FaceTime is clever enough to acknowledge current speaker and bring them to the forefront of the conversation.
  • Ringless notifcation – allowing you to join an already ongoing conversation without being disruptive.
  • iMessage will display active conversations – see what’s going on, even before you join. This also allows you to dip in and out when required due to chat (typing) integration.
  • Private¬†– Group FaceTime stays private and is only accessible to those on the FaceTime call.

Ok, ok, for anyone that currently uses one of our top conference call providers, none of the above is anything new. And as we’ve mentioned in the past, these types of communication are far from being the best (many issues can crop up) – especially when having important business calls. Well, unless the be all and end all of your business communications is about emojis?

So, if you need more than emojis in your business life and add some real productivity, take a look at our top compared conference call service providers.