Investor Relations Conference Call Services – The Options

We start this article as a cautionary tale, one that comes about as we put the phone down from listening in to an investors conference call. We won’t go in to the details of the company holding their investor relations call, or the provider being used, but we can conclude one thing from the call; the conference call provider was not cut out for handling that size, or type of a conference call.

An investor relations conference call requires fundamental differences over a regular conference call service.

Please, for the love of god, do not just pick a random conference call provider, or utilise your current provider (the one you use for every day use) for something as important as an investors conference call, unless you absolutely know that the provider can provider the resources and technology provided to deal with it.

We don’t want anyone else to be caught out in such a painfully awkward way as this business has just experienced, so, please take note of the following. It will go a long way in helping ensure you don’t end up red and flustered with no long being able to listen in to a call properly!

Take in to account these factors when acquiring an investor relations conference call service provider:

  • Attendee numbers. You either need to know approximate numbers of attendees for call to find a provider or, you need to find a service that will scale to meet demand of high attendee calls.
  • Length of call. You should have an approximate duration of call in mind – use this as a bargaining chip for getting some solid low prices for an investors call.
  • Who picks up the tab? There’s 2 key provider types out there; monthly/yearly contracts with bundled minutes, or “free” (shared conference call cost) providers. Here’s why shared “free” providers are typically not best, but *may* be what you want for such a call. Tip; if you don’t want attendees to pick up the tab, keep away from shared cost providers (typically also the ones that can’t handle large attendee numbers).
  • Easy inviting options. More often than not, you’re call will probably have international attendees. Sure, you should be cautious of best time to have call (taking time zones in to consideration), but communicating conference call details (date/time, ways to join) are absolutely paramount for getting the highest ratio of attendance possible.
  • Commanding the call. Unlike day to day teleconferencing use, large investor calls are all about taking control, as the host. Thus, you need a provider that gives you the ability of a conference call dashboard, so you can perform such tasks as un/locking conference room, and ensuring all participants are muted, other that the host.

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