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Uh-oh, you thought a ‘conference call minute’ was just the same as a regular minute? No, unfortunately not, but you’ve just made an assumption that many make. And it could be a costly one.

A conference minute, while still being 60 seconds, you need to multiply this between all attendees. Thus, if you have a conference call with 10 attendees and the call lasts for 60 minutes, the calculation to make it:

 10 (attendees) x 60 (minutes) = 600 (conference call minutes. 

So, if you’re looking to take on a conference call provider, it’s probably a good idea to get a ball park figure in mind for how many minutes your business will use – this will make finding a new provider much easier, as you can see exactly what service plan you should be on.

Click on the below and download out conference call cost calculator.

Download now:

Now you have a good idea of how many conference call minutes you use per month, use our below recommendations engine to have an understanding of which provider is probably best to cater to your teleconferencing requirements.

Q1. For what purpose do you need a conference call provider?