Have a refreshing summer holiday. Recharge, but be open to communicate

It’s that time of the year again, summer holiday time! Thus, employees from across the board of seniority will be packing their bags and getting ready to take time time off, be it a relaxing time in the garden BBQ’ing, or off to sunnier climates, if there’s something in the business that could go wrong – it’ll probably happen during this period.

Careful though, we’re not about to push the idea of daily or weekly conference calls to connect back to the office with, heck no! In fact, stay the hell away from doing that. Remember, it doesn’t have to be crazy at work, so make sure you’ve got your ship in good order prior to the holiday season. Downtime is important time, so being able to completely switch off will give you and other colleagues the time required to feel refreshed before getting back to work.

However, knowing this summer holiday season puts you at one of the weakest points of the year for communication, it’s important that you’ve got something in place to deal with summer holiday crisis time. Again, this isn’t about setting up daily/weekly calls – this is about ensuring you have a conference call provider, one that all concerned parties have access to, so that if a crisis hits the business, you’ve got a reliable form of communication to get all those involved being able to communicate.

Don’t leave it to luck – at some point, the summer crisis will hit you, so don’t be caught out;

Find a conference call solution that could handle your potential summer crisis.