Every business needs a conference call service in their communications mix

A couple of months ago we wrote an article on how crazy work can get, but 9 out of 10 times, it can be made easier, for you and your colleagues. How? Simple; communication. Ah, ok, it’s not that easy after all, but the first step is being open to having good dialogue and the rule to follow this key first step by is ensuring you’re using the right platform for your communication.

We live in an age of wealth when it comes to the array of ways we can communicate, especially over long distances, instantaneously. However, it’s also the route to most communication issues, or lack there of, i.e., people falling back on email to communicate with someone in the office next door, or getting tangled in to non-stop instant messaging conversations that go over months and have no middle or end to conversation, let alone a good way of managing these chats in a way to be useful.

No, conference calling isn’t the silver bullet to all conversational issues, far from it, but we do say; add it to your communications mix. Oh, but wait, I hear you say that most people hate conference calls? No! This is why your conference call sucks! (spoiler alert; it’s you/the host that needs to change).

So, when should conference calls be utilised? Many reasons, but most revolve around 2 key areas; being prepared for the unexpected, especially, as in this example, when people are trying to recharge and on holiday (a great time to bin the emails and instant messages while away) or, for example, being prepared for the looming Brexit. Then there’s the big one; climate change, but hey, wait, just like our Brexit article, it’s not what side of the fence you sit on with your opinion, and especially with climate change – conference calling can sit nicely in to your Corporate Social Responsibility charter, making it a big plus for the environment, staff health/happiness and the bottom line in your businesses pocket.

If you’re still not convinced, let us know in the below comments section – we’d genuinely like to know what sort of business you’re in that means you can’t benefit from the above. And for everyone else, try out our recommendations engine below and find a provider best suited to your needs:

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