Conference Calling for the Legal Sector – The best in Privacy, Security & Collaboration

When if comes to conference call services for the legal sector, not all providers have been created equally, thus, in your search for a provider, this article be one of the most important reads for you, today.

Privacy, privacy, privacy.

We get it, confidentiality is of utmost important for legal firms and their clients, that’s why you shouldn’t just settle on any conference call provider as there’s a few rather large holes that you can fall down in regards to privacy and security with your clients confidential information.

No, a conference call ID & PIN is NOT a confidential conference call line.

There are conference call providers out there that will want to gain your trust and more importantly, your custom, even if their service isn’t particularly suited for your needs, so there’s one thing we need to agree on here; a conference call number, conference call ID/room number and PIN (for host) is not a secure means of communication and many have slipped up with thinking this is good enough.

The main reason the above isn’t adequate enough is simply because once you’ve given out conference call details to a client once, they then have these details, forever. Thus, even if you only had one call with client, supplier or other external resource, that entity now has an opportunity to rejoin that conference call line at any point and make use of it, or more worryingly, use to eavesdrop in to your other calls.

At this point, many think, “Well that’s simple, if someone joins the call while we are on the line, we’ll know someone new joined”, but what about those that, say, join at the early hours of the morning before office hours, and then continue to stay on the line all day, recording any conversations that may take place? Let alone that number is now contributing to taking away your inclusive minutes (if on a bundled call package).

How to make your calls more secure, private and confidential.

Now, keyword above is “more”. You cannot have absolute privacy. That’s a fallacy, especially when it comes to technology, loopholes can always be found. However, these are the ‘tools’ you should be looking out for from conference call providers to maximise your security and minimise surface area of attack, i.e., provide least opportunities possible.

  • Live call visualisation. For the host/admin, when you open a new call, check the number of phone lines connecting to the call. If it’s a one on one, or whatever number, does this tally up with what you expect, for example, if you expect 3 on the call (including yourself), does the live call visualisation show 3 in the conference room, or more? More than expected? Your conference call line may be insecure to eavesdroppers.
  • Boot and lock conference room. If you have more callers on the line than expected, take note of the phone numbers that are connected (as shown on live call dashboard) so you can then ‘boot’ / ‘kick’ any suspect phone numbers from call.
  • Accreditation. Don’t just take a conference call providers word for it that they do X, Y & Z, get proof that they achieve a good standard by achieving such accreditation as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification. These are key certificates for information technology security and quality management systems. And of course, don’t forget, check out their GDPR policies to ensure client data isn’t being sold/given to third parties without your expressed permission.
  • This message will self destruct in 5 seconds… Lastly, but not least, find a provider that utilises a system that provides new conference room details, such as passwords/PINs for EACH conference call. This ensures that once a client has been on a call, they can not reuse these details at a later date and/or share with others. Yes, this does impact usability, in the way that new details will need to be given out each time, however, many providers have cracked this one by streamlining the inviting and joining process so you don’t even need to remember the PINs/passwords, etc.

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