Conference Calling for Large Groups

There’s just two ways to have a large group conference call; the good way, and the bad way. No, honestly, it’s really that simple – simple, that is, to go down the wrong route and end up with a provider that simply cannot deliver. Here’s the key factors you should keep in mind when deciding on a conference call provider which will have a high attendee number.


Can the provider cope with the sheer number of participants that will be joining a single call? If you’re not already with a provider, then the most salient question to ask would be a) what’s the average number of attendees per call they typical handle and b) if it’s way above this that you require, can they handle the amount you mention, and if so, how would they manage this, additional costs and would they need a heads up for when the call is.

Arrange early

Arrange as soon as possible to improve the overall uptake for those you want to attend the call. The more larger the group attending, the greater number of issues that will occur. Arranging early will allow you to sort out issues at the first hurdle hopefully way before the actual call is due to occur.

Multi device

Provide multiple ways of joining the call; different phone lines for different countries, ability to join via the web, smart phone, landline and so forth. While this could increase the number of issues to resolve, it also means you’ll have multiple ways of helping people join. For example, if an attendee is on a train when call starts, they’d want the ability to join via smart phone, whereas someone office base would probably select web, or landline if their internet connection isn’t good enough to utilise the web version.

Provide visuals

As well as giving multiple ways for attendees to join, as well as audio, give them visual reference points too, via a presentation. Thus, you’d need a provider that offers a screen share solution as an add-on.

Not everyone will attend

There’s absolutely no way you’ll have 100% attendance. So, for those that couldn’t attend for one reason or another, providing a post-call recording will allow you to share this and keep as an archive.