Conference call services for Speakers

What do Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King & Robin Williams have in common? All three of them were outstanding public speakers. Of course, public speaking, as you are probably more than aware, isn;t a trait anyone is born with (unfortunately), but it is something that can be taught and the more you do it, the easier it gets.


Prior planning and preparation

With anything, patience and continuous practice is the key to gaining a new skill – confidence is key – in what you’re saying, clearly and concisely will help not only your confidence, but also give your audience confidence in what you’re saying.


A great example of a clear, well thought out speech:


A poorly executed speech:


How the right conference call provider can help

When it comes to public speaking, especially over a conference call, whether it be for an investor relations call or perhaps you’re chairing a political call, taking command is key, and via the right conference call service, this will make your life so much simpler. However, utilise the wrong provider and you’ll end up in a world of pain.

Mute. When you’re heading a conference call and you’re the key speaker, all other attendees should be muted. Why? We don’t necessarily mean you have a disruptive audience that want to chip in every few moments, but other disruptions can occur if you don’t mute all others, like tapping of keyboards, background chatter and so forth.

Boot. If it’s a public conference call, but you require audience in put, mute may not be an option. However, you should still be able to take care of disruptions. A ‘kick’ or ‘boot’ functionality will be key to get rid of this hindrance.

Lock. Once you’ve booted someone, you want to make sure they can’t come back. Thus, the ability to lock the conference room is an important feature. Also, it will stop attendees entering later, which again, could be a great distraction.

Conference dashboard. Most of the above features can be utilised via your phone keypad, but remembering in what order to press a sequence of buttons can become confusing – a conference call dashboard will help you understand visually what’s happening and sort issues within a click.