Conference call services for business proposals

Congrats – your prospecting went well and now you’re at the stage of presenting a proposal. If you can’t do this face to face, then you definitely don’t want to do this over email.


As we’ve mentioned in the past, climate change should be implemented in to your Corporate Social Responsibility Charter, and what better way to do this than via conference calls instead of face to face meetings that ultimately comes with substantial costs through; travel time, cost of travel, and the CO2 impact of that travel on the environment. And let’s face it, anywhere near London and stress levels go through the roof with the London Underground, but can conference calls be a good way of talking to clients?


Simply; yes. Conference calls can be a great way of communicating with clients and prospective clients, but there are some fundamental pitfalls you need to be aware of.

Clarity of audio – It may sound like an obvious one, but there’s still many providers that aren’t up to the task in hand, and the last thing you need this early on in the sales stage is having awkward audio issues.

Clarity of visuals – This is why we’re not advocating a simple phone call with prospective client, as it doesn’t give you the ability to ‘show and tell’. Thus, pick a conference call provider that also offers screen share. Ensure you go with a conference call provider that offers this – don’t try and cut corners by going elsewhere for screen share software as this will add complexities you really don’t need.



If your sales team are renowned for trying to close sales over email, or god forbid, spamming a proposal over email then running like it’s a grenade – forcing them to utilise a conference call instead, thus, creating the two-way conversation will help improve communication ten-fold. If however, your sales team are use to being on the road, then great, they’ve already got the suitable two-way conversational skills, now all you need to do is ensure they have the best conference call service for the job.