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So, the RMT Southern Rail strike action has now begun and will be with us for the full week, making it the longest strike action since the 1968. Are people happy about it? Absolutely not, but what can you do, hmm? It has certainly rubbed up paying customers the wrong way, with very little in way of solidarity with those on strike action, including the PM…

Are you ready to trample your co-passengers on the very few trains that are running or will you seek an alternative?

Alternatives to Southern Rail during RMT strike action

  1. Get a cab
  2. Get a bus
  3. Drive
  4. Fly

Ok, point 4 is ever so slightly sarcastic, unless your name is Lord Sugar, of course. But saying that, all the above points have the very same issue; everyone is using these as alternative modes of transport to using trains!

The true alternative

If you work in a shop, or a supply a service that you are required to be in a specific location, then this alternative is not for you, but let’s for one moment say that you’re not needed to work in the office. In fact, let’s say that for the rest of your office based career, other than popping your head in from time to time, wouldn’t it be great if you could work from home?

Conference calls give you the flexibility of being in direct, live conversations with your fellow colleagues or customers, but without the time and cost that’s associated with trying to move from point A to point B, in particular to these times of strike action.

Is it about time that your business sourced an alternative method of communication/transportation when the next inevitable strike action occurs?

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Keep up to date with current Southern Rail RMT strike action: