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Climate change MUST be a factor in your corporate social responsibility charter

In the past few days, Prince Harry & Meghan have been in the news for their private jet holiday, thus, putting climate change and the use of planes in to the forefront of peoples minds again. It’s a tough one isn’t it? Most people deserve a holiday, and if you’ve got the money to do that, even if it takes good pal Sir Elton John to stump up the bill, why not? When it comes to business travel, however, is that next trip you have planned really required?

Most people reading this will probably have worked in a business that a nice jet set trip was on the books, then all of a sudden, 101 different members of staff have a reason to go on that exact same trip, if not similar. In fact, if you’re in sales/have a sales team, 99% of them want to be out and about meeting people. They’re social creatures to say the least, and sometimes that behaviour pays off and closes a deal, but many times, it can just be because they love that ‘jet set’ lifestyle, but what’s the true impact of this?


The sooner you can bridge the gap between potential customer to customer, the greater chance you have of closing the deal as a success. Is air travel best in this scenario, versus conference calling? No.

How about the time actually sat on a plane? The additional time spent travelling for business is proven it have a negative impact on mental health, from depression, followed by stress and anxiety. Surely your colleagues mental health is important for you, and not to mention that time could be spent well elsewhere.


As mentioned with time, mental health issues can occur, causing burn out, thus, finding that more of your staff in these circumstances start to under-perform and have more time off work. Now that face to face meeting doesn’t seem such a great idea, does it? And hey, we’ve not even got on to the obvious cost of travel, which isn’t just the cost of a plane ticket and hotels, plus food, but also the cost of time (travelling) could have been better spent on actual work. Again, doesn’t conference calling give you this, versus travel?


Plane vs. conference call. The cost to the environment is immeasurable due to the fact the savings to the environment are huge, just like the cost savings of an excellent quality conference call provider vs. even the most basic of air travel.


The main push back we hear from businesses about switching from face to face (air travel) to conference calling is that teleconferencing isn’t as personable as a face to face, and this typical push back comes from 2 camps; a) sales people that LOVE travel and meeting people face to face (does not equal a sale) and b) “conference call audio is terrible” typically a point of view from someone that’s not used conference calling for over a decade, or simply utilising a poor quality provider.

The facts:

  • Conference call services, even the premium, top notch providers such as PGi, PowWowNow & Meetupcall are FAR cheaper than air travel.
  • Conference calls can be just as personable as face to face meetings when you include video conference calling.
  • Travel takes a toll on mind, body and soul over time.


We’re not saying ditch air travel all together, there’s still going to be circumstances where it’s needed, and perhaps on the very high value ticket customers, that added touch of a face to face is worth it, but we’re saying don’t let air travel be the ‘be all and end all’ to all meetings, as more often than not, it really doesn’t need to be.

Make conference calling (climate change) part of your corporate social responsibility charter and make it available as the primary meeting source, rather than air travel. Start saving the environment, time and expenditure. Find a conference call service today.