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Conference calling came as a revolution in the world. It became quite a rage the moment it entered the market. Not only family and friends were happy, the people in business took it as an opportunity to improve their business methods. They were dreaming of getting over a lot of restrictions they had to bear in the lace of work. The best thing it did to them was that they could be a part of something even if they were not present at that place. All they needed to have was a telephone besides them. And with that they could be in touch with the people far off in the office. So with the coming of conference calling they could meet remote parties irrespective of the fact that they are inside the political border or not. Then you could easily hold client meetings on the phones now. It was no longer necessary for everyone to be there in the conference room at the time of meeting. It also seems to have saved them the pain to go through the tedious presentation. Now they can just listen on the phone the details they wish to listen. There is no one to sneer or monitor at the time of the meeting. Besides this they can conduct sales presentations over the phone, you can give updates about a particular project over the phone to a group of people, or have the regular team meetings. Besides the basic meetings and presentations, you could now also conduct training classes on the phones. This comes as a true revolution. The employees could be trained and coordinated from a distance, and the work could be managed on the phone only.