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Whether your business is booming, or you are going through a period of stagnation, clever business cost reductions should always be at the heart of every business strategy as it’s a huge contributing factor to end of year profits.

The positive cash flow impact of utilising a conference call service

If you’re not in the industry and you’ve never used a conference call provider before, then it would be understandable if you were not fully aware of all of the positive cash factors of utilising such a service. For example, if you’re calling abroad – how do you usually do this? If you simply pick up the phone and dial an overseas number, prepare to get severely stung with a large phone bill.

Alternatively, what you could of done is made use of a conference call provider that has international (local geographic) phone numbers within your country of origin and that of your colleague. Then, all either party has to pay is for the local call rates and not international.

International cost example: If you had a hour long call with a colleague in the USA

Direct phone call (O2) would cost £1 per minute – total cost: £60

Conference call would cost just £0.03 per minutetotal cost: £1.80

As you can see from the above – make use of a conference call provider rather than direct calling via landline and you make a £58.20 saving and that’s just for one call!

What about if you’re a multi-chain restaurant and need to patch customers in from every single regional restaurant to take a call with the board? Well, at the moment, without a conference call provider, you would have to initiate each call individually, so it each call lasted 30 minutes and you had to make 20 calls, that’s 6 hours worth of call.

If however, you made use of a conference call provider, you could make just 1 call and patch in all regional restaurant managers straight away. 20 calls, in one, saving 5 hours and 30 minutes, which will save you and your business not just time, but the associated costs of this time, i.e., peoples salaries.

These are just 2 examples of how businesses can save time and money, simply by implementing a conference call service provider, but there’s a huge host of ways to utilise for your business.

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