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We’re just getting over the RMT Southern Rail strike and now we are heading head first in to a Eurostar strike that will cause issues on 15th & 28th August – coinciding with Bank Holidays in Europe and the UK. So, are you ready for the stresses or strains of finding alternative transportation?

If you’re going to now be late for going on your holiday due to strike again, then unlucky. If however, you have an important meeting to go to, you of course want to make it to your destination on the right date and time no matter what… Unfortunately, reality is that you probably won’t be able to find alternative transportation, so now what are the options?

It’s time to cut costs in transportation and time spent travelling from destination to destination and start focusing on what counts; having a successful meeting. So, why not start conference calling? Cost effective and works incredibly well. Plus, you can still just as easily present documents and presentations, but now from the comfort of your own home in nothing more than your pants! Well… if you really wanted to.

Stop being held by blackmail of transportation strike actions and start freeing up your time to do more. Take a look at the top 10 conference call providers.