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The way in which this method of calling affected people was in the matters of business. It just came out to be a boon to the people who do business for now they were given a better way to talk to each other and that too with a group at one time. Now they could discuss matters over the phone without getting restricted over the distance they have in between. Even though the people who wish to talk to their family and friends were able to gain out of it, but the need of business was more serious to cater to. This form of telephonic conversation made a new style of business possible. Now the client and the provider could be at two ends of the world and still they could take up meetings without having o come to each other. All they needed to do is call over the phone and a whole group discussion could be done. Also now the business can be handled from a far away place. All you are to do is get connected with the department heads over the phone and give them all directions over the phone, just like you would do in the office. This way you could involve yourself in another work while the basic things are being taken care of even in your absence. With this it is also possible to employ workers at a different place and monitor over their work. Hence you can expand your business and working network the way you want and find easy to do so.