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One of the most commonly used and effective ways of improving the business is holding conference calls free of cost. This helps you earn their trust and therefore an addition to your loyalty. However it is not necessary that your calls have to be free all through. Gradually as you have more experience and you have listeners you can then begin with charged calls.

The basic tools that are required for a conference call are as follows:

  • Conference call service:: there are many conference call services which you need to host the calls. There are many companies who do this for free as well.
  • Autoresponder service:  these reminders are important as these days people are busy and they tend to forget. This autoresponder system sends the reminders of the forth coming class so that they do not miss it. And then you will also have to follow up with the leads for the growth of the business.
  • Shopping cart system: whenever you host a paid, a shopping cart system is needed.
  • Audio recording system. It is like a rule that you must record the calls. This becomes very important as you will have to refer to the conference for various reasons. It could be something that you can charge for as well. However many places even do it as a free give away.
  • Virtual assistant: a virtual assistant is required if you do not wish to do all the necessary steps yourself. You can actually just ask him to do everything and set the details required and just enter or show up for the call.