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If you’ve created a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy out of nothing more than a box ticking exercise, then stop reading now. However, if you’re really pushing for a positive change with your CSR policy, then teleconferencing can be an absolute staple that underpins the 3 Ps.


What are the 3 pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility?

People. Employees and local community.

Planet. The impact on Mother Earth and her environment.

Profit. Return on investment to the shareholders and wider community.

So, where does conference calling come in to your CSR policy? Well, it covers the 3 pillars, easily!


People. If you’ve got staff that spend a lot of time on the road, or you have staff that don’t wonder out often, then absolutely loath it when they need to, this is where conference calling can step it. Cost of travel, travel time, stress, longer lead times on preparation and overall efficiency is hindered when employees need to travel. Oh sure, some of them will love a nice little ‘jolly’, but for many, the option being available to teleconference instead of commute to meetings et al., will be a God send, which have far reach implications when it comes to people – and has been proven to retain and keep your employees happier, rather than be on the road all the time. Read more about the benefits of conference calling over travel, here.

Planet. Is it no wonder that our environment and the ill impact we have on it is in the news headlines every day? It just came out that we have 12 years until catastrophe, according to the latest United Nations report (view news article). As we outlined in this article a number of years ago – if more businesses turned to teleconferencing rather than burning vast amounts of fossil fuels to attend meetings and presentations, this could make a huge impact on the environment – for the better. Read out article about how teleconferencing can save the environment, here. While you’re at it, here’s 5 more tips to make your business more green.

Profit. The average SME spends approximately 480 man hours per month on travel, costing £6,720 on wasted salary (travel time) and £2,400 on travel expenses. A total of ~£10k PER MONTH merely on transporting employees back and forth to meetings is an horrendous waste of money, of which, only a fraction of that cost would be required to take on a top-tier teleconferencing service.

Is it time to add teleconferencing to your CSR policy?

You have the potential to save huge amounts of money, save peoples time as well as help them keep their sanity and minimise staff turnover as well as the big one, that has a direct impact on everyone that lives on this planet, present and future; the environment. Find a conference call provider today and be proud to add teleconferencing to your CSR policy!