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A professional conference call is nothing but a business call where the main discussion on the call revolves round the business. This call usually involves business associates and colleagues who are all part of the conference call. It is nothing but a professional meeting either over a call conference or a video conference among those participants who are not within the same vicinity. These participants could be situated anywhere either locally or even in any part of the globe.

A professional conference call can include more than one participant apart from the one who is the owner of the call. You can connect to participants who are situated in any part of the globe right from your home or office. This is the advantage of using a call conferencing system, since you do not have to travel long or short distances and waste important time just so that you make it in time for a 2 hour conference call. You do not have to buy flight tickets and even waste fuel for a business conference that is being held in another part of the world. With these call conferencing services it is now easy to stay intouch with your business colleagues, and counterparts placed anywhere in the world.

The only difference between a professional conference call and a personal conference call is that the conversation in a professional call does not revolve round personal issues. The only topic that is discussed is the various aspects of the business. Participants enter into the conference room by punching in the pin number. They are allowed to talk of their viewpoints and even comment like a normal conference meets.