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Meetings. Love them or hate them, the majority of meetings could probably be skipped altogether, but if you’re stuck in a business, or you’re a business owner that insists your staff go out on the road to have meetings, make sure you truly consider the positives and negatives of doing so.

The negatives to travelling for meetings:

  1. Cost of travel – no doubt, the price of travel continues to increase, with some train tickets being at an astronomical rate and continue to spiral out of control year on year.
  2. Travel time – travel time can be another huge factor when it comes to costs and with new EU regulations in place, your business now has to pay for the time it takes to travel from meeting to place of residence. Yes, travel time can easily even outweigh the cost of travel
  3. Stress – when going on holiday, travel can be bearable, if not enjoyable (as long as you’re not in a rush), but when was the last time your traveled to and from a meeting and thought, “Wow, I really enjoyed that journey – I can’t wait to do it again!” Yeah, didn’t think so. So, as a business owner, be aware that not only are your spending large amounts on travel and overall staff time, but there’s also an emotional knock on effect and stress can build to levels that make a person unproductive.
  4. Preparation – if for example you settled for a conference call rather than travel, can you imagine how much better you could prepare for the meeting via a conference call rather than all that travel time, caged in to a train with sweaty commuters?
  5. Efficiency – When you way up the cost of travel, time, added stress and less time to prepare, is travelling to a meeting really the most effective way to communicate. Well, perhaps that’s a “yes” if the following single positive about travel works for you…

The positives to travelling for meetings:

  1. Face to face has more value than over the phone. But, does it really? Or, is this just a fake fact that’s been handed down from generation to generation?

Sometimes, face to face meetings are required. But, how do you know it’s really worth all of the above negative points unless you test? What we mean by this is, you should probably consider trying conference calling as an alternative and let the results speak for themselves.

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