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Google Hangouts is free – YAY! But, if you’re a business – you’re probably more worried about…


Poor audio quality and numerous issues that continuously pop up are intrinsic with such a free SAAS service. Frustrating at best, embarrassing at worse and perhaps the loss of a customer? A “free service” doesn’t sound so good any more, does it?

Here’s Google Hangouts current issueshttps://support.google.com/hangouts/known-issues/3139543?hl=en

Relying on others using the service

If quality and issues aren’t the be all and end all for you, then one last area of concern may be that if you are using Google Hangouts as a form of conference calling, if you are having these hangouts with clients, remember that, a) not all third parties will use Google Hangouts and b) even if they do have a Google account, it may not be for their business use, thus, you’re connecting to your customer, but on a personal level – are you sure you want to embarrass your customers by unveiling to others that they’re ‘misterfluffy@gmail.com’… plus cringe of ensuing profile picture?

Get reliability at an affordable price

Say no to free services, your business deserves better than this. Take a look at the top 10 conference call providers.