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Don’t get us wrong, Skype is a great solution, well established and very rare it is that problems will occur due to the actual software itself. However, Skype has the same downfall as any other WebRTC based product, i.e., conference calling purely over the internet.

But, there’s also other subtle downfalls of Skype for when it comes to hold certain types of calls:

Conference calls with clients:

So, you have a call with a client to either give them a product trial, demo or go over a plan. Fine, nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong! Guess what? Before you can even start the conversation, you’re going to have to ask your client to download Skype, signup and get a username, etc. Worse yet, perhaps your client is based in numerous locations for the conference call? That’s numerous people you need to ask to download, install and signup for Skype. Are you sure you want to do with that hassle? You’ll no doubt have problems along the way with people not being able to install due to their IT team locking their systems down, so now you need to get another third party involved, but oh wait, too late, the scheduled time of meeting has now well and truly passed. Great, thanks to Skype, your potential client (or current) is now well and truly annoyed because the one simple fact is that¬†you thought Skype was a good way to hold a conference call. Wrong!

Cross-device usage and updates:

Similar to the issues your clients will have when it comes to downloading and signing up, you’ll also have this pain point if you ever need to use Skype across numerous devices, say a smartphone and laptop. Then of course there’s the dreaded updates that come around monthly and weekly (sometimes) like clockwork. New update? Great, now you have to download the update and re-sign in to your multiple devices. But wait, is the latest version of Skype working on your device version, or, is it now forcing you to update your laptop or smartphone too?!

Skype is not the answer for corporate communications:

Stop wasting your time and that of potential and current clients. If you’re with Skpye, now is a good time more than any to start looking elsewhere for a new provider. Never had a conference call provider before? View our top 10 providers reviewed or answer our Q&A and we’ll pair you with a provider that best meets your requirements.