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Top Teleconferencing Providers of 2018 Comparison

Provider Further Information Google Review


Meetupcall Review 4.9 (90 Reviews)



Arkadin Review 4.4 (11 Reviews)



BT MeetMe Review 4.2 (18 Reviews)



PowWowNow Review 3.6 (11 Reviews)



LoopUp Review 3.4 (5 Reviews)


Zip Conferencing

ZIP Conferencing Review 3 (2 Reviews)



PGi Review 3 (2 Reviews)



Callr Review 1.7 (13 Reviews)


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  • The Conference Call Provider That Calls You Dial-out AKA “the conference call provider that calls you” is by far, the single most important feature you could make use of to iron out one of the key issues that arise with most conference calls; issues with getting people to attend your call, albeit due to: Attendee incorrectly dialling in Attendee mislaying conference call details Attendee dialling ...
  • One Time Conference Call Providers First and foremost, there’s one factor you need to know above all else if you’re looking for a conference call service provider that you require on a one-off basis; the cost. There are many ways you can host a one time call, so let us help you understand the options available to you so you ...
  • Branded & White Label Reseller Conference Call Services Look, if your conference call needs are purely for internal use, then there’s no point in reading any further. However, if your teleconferencing use is client facing, like Communication Consultants, then customisable and branded conference calls are ideal. Likewise, if your business operates on reselling white label products, teleconferencing can be an excellent addition to your ...
  • The Perfect Conference Call Service for Communication Consultancies To this very day, spoken conversations are still by far the best form of communication. And while communication is very much seen as a soft skill, being able to provide information clearly and precisely is an absolute imperative for business success. Thus, it’s no surprise at all to use that most communication consultancies prefer to ...
  • How Much Does a Conference Call Cost? (Calculator) Uh-oh, you thought a ‘conference call minute’ was just the same as a regular minute? No, unfortunately not, but you’ve just made an assumption that many make. And it could be a costly one. A conference minute, while still being 60 seconds, you need to multiply this between all attendees. Thus, if you have a conference ...
  • What are the best conference call services? Coming to the close of 2018, there’s never been a better time than now to take up conference calling as part of your business strategy – from adding to your Corporate Social Responsibility, to mew lines of international dialogue, conference calling can be an integral part of businesses success. If you’ve never signed up to a ...
  • Enjoying the F1 in Abu Dhabi? Stay Connected with Conference Calling Surprise! If you’re in the beautiful Abu Dhabi for the first time and you’re trying to connect with your business back in the UK, you may have just realised that your Skype isn’t working – that’s because VoIP is currently blocked in the UAE. For further info about this, click here. No fear! There are still ...
  • Conference Call Not Working? Here’s Why… Fear not, you’re in good company (unfortunately) and it’s the #1 bane of most peoples lives when it comes to conference calling, closely followed by attending calls that are seen as a waste of time. So, you can’t get on a call, what do you do now? “It’s not me, it’s you”. Is your conference call service ...
  • Q4 Teleconferencing Trends, 2018 In the news: Canada, eh. Decentralisation is coming to Canada, in way of moving more than 5,000 government employees from outside of urban areas such as Quebec so to better understand local communities, rather than working from a centralised hub. Legault said, “With videoconferencing and all the new ways to work, we don’t have to be physically ...
  • Conference Call Services that Work in United Arab Emirates (Legally) Skype. Just bin it. If you need to conduct business conference calls, don’t even bother with Skype, or any other VoIP related communications software/service as they are banned in the United Arab Emirates – at least for the foreseeable future. In other words, VoIP comms. could be taken off the internet ban list in the ...

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