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There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to conference call providers, so that’s why we do things differently. Instead of picking a provider from a “top 10” list, a better way of finding the service that’s right for you is to answer a few questions below and we’ll give you provider recommendations, based on your answer. Why not give it a go now, it’s free and we don’t need any contact details from you – just 60 seconds of your time, go:

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Alternatively, view the conference call service provider directory.

Are you paying more than 3p per minute?

Repeat after me; the higher the conference call usage, the LOWER the price per minute *should* be. We say should, because we know many large corporations have stuck with some of the most archaic service providers in the industry for years, if not decades, totting up HUGE bills, from something as trivial as paying 3p per minute. Oh, you’re paying more than this?! Ouch. However, what should you be paying? As a ball park figure, use 1,500 minutes per month and you should be looking in the region of less than £0.03 per minute. Averaging around 3,000 minutes per month? A price close to £0.02 should be achievable. Now, for the large corporations, up to 10,000 minutes or more per month, a price per minute of less than £0.02 are possible.

What about free providers?

That’s a big NOPE from us in *most* circumstances. We’ve written about this in great detail over the years, but the highlights are as follow; a) free” isn’t free, and well, typically, the very opposite. b) lacking of a quality service. Yes, your free service is actually costing you a bomb, and you’ve get a lack of tailored support and features, as you would with a paid service. Plot twist; paid services are usually cheaper than “free” or “shared” services.

Check out our blog for more tips and information on selecting a conference call provider:

The best providers:

ProviderCall Mgmt.Call RecordScreen ShareRatingsIdeal forFree TrialReview


Y Y Y 4.9 (107 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium
• Enterprise


Y Y Y 4.5 (14 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium


Y Y N 4.2 (18 Reviews)* • Enterprise N


Y Y Y 3.9 (7 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium
• Enterprise


Y Y Y 3.6 (15 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium

Zip Conferencing

N N N 3 (2 Reviews)* • Small N


Y Y Y 3 (2 Reviews)* • Enterprise Y


N N N 1.7 (13 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium


Stop putting up with poor conference call services like this: