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PGi (Premiere Global Services, Inc.) is a company first established in 1991 with a commitment to providing simple and effective systems for seamless collaboration and communication. Their flagship product is Globalmeet, which covers the needs of most businesses for audio and video conferencing, large-scale events and webinars, and webcasts. There’s an emphasis on facilitating productivity through reliability and ease of use.


Their products are exceptionally straightforward and user-friendly, with the facility for guests to access meetings from any device with a single click – mobile device optimisation is standard for maximum accessibility. Because Globalmeet hosts across more than 60 countries, it can ensure high-quality audio in most of the world and can integrate with your Skype server, avoiding the need for extra hardware. Despite their simplicity to the end user, the solutions PGi offer are more sophisticated than those of some other providers. With web integration, hybrid audio and meeting management, they can handle over 100 individual users at a time. They include easy to use options to record meetings and store documents with secure encryption.

Service and support:

They offer 24-hour service options in multiple languages for on-the-spot troubleshooting.

This provider is most suited to: 

Companies who do a lot of international work, who need to share more than just audio, and who want an accessible intuitive solution that allows staff and participants everywhere to start using it immediately, without the need for specialist knowledge or training. Many users are medium or large companies, but smaller businesses can still benefit.

Rating & Reviews

3/5 from 2 Reviews*

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Enterprise Pricing


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