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What if your conference call could be simplified, yet super productive for your business? Meet Meetupcall.

Whether you arrange, host or merely attend conference calls, Meetupcall have ironed out the annoyances of the entire process to bring you the best in industry product and service, loved by SMEs and large corporations alike. Press play on the below video for a quick tour of Meetupcall’s service offering.





Do you find it time consuming when it comes to arranging conference calls?

If you have attendees that are dialling in from more than one country and time zone, you know how complex arranging a call can be, but it doesn’t need to be the that way. You don’t need to spend copious amounts of time figuring out best dial-in numbers per attendee, per country. You no longer need to work out time zone conversions to ensure people get on the call at the right time, let alone ensuring people actually turn up for the call altogether.


❌ No more manually working out time zone conversions for meeting start time

❌ No more working out best country specific dialling in numbers per attendee

❌ No more having to manually input conference call details

❌ No more manually having to chase up attendees for conference call


Send personalised conference call invites within seconds, auto-magically.

When you’ve been manually inputting attendee details over and over again for years, those are the people that realise and understand the true power of saving time and getting it right first time with Meetupcall’s ‘Easy Invite‘ system, that literally takes arranging conference calls out of your hands.


✔️ Arrange in a few clicks via Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, iPhone, Android, or manual, if you wish

✔️ Time zones converter to each attendees personal requirements

✔️ Each attendee provided with a recommended local dial-in (keeps costs down)

✔️ Meetupcall will automatically send out reminders to attendees prior to call





It’s 10am and 6 attendees are late in joining the conference call. What’s the problem?

It’s now 10:10am and there’s 6 attendees on the call, but you’re still waiting for 4 more attendees. Why are they late? Are they on another call? Can they not find their conference call details? Perhaps they’re just having issues joining the call? If there’s any part of a conference call process that costs the most time and money – it’s at the point of the meeting start time. Who’d think, even in 2019, that joining a call would be so infuriating?


❌ No more attendees running late due to confusion on how to join call

❌ No more dialling in numbers incorrectly

❌ No more feelings of hopelessness as a host that can’t problem solve attendee dial in issues


Make joining a call a doddle. From 1-touch dialling in, to the conference call room dialling out to attendees!

Hosting a call and people being late is infuriating. Being an attendee for a call and feeling clueless about how to join a call is equally infuriating. Imagine, if you hosted 1 meeting a week with 10 attendees, and at least 5 were consistently 10 minutes late; that’s equivalent to 43.44 working hours lost every year simply through attendees being 10 minutes late. It doesn’t need to be this way.



✔️ Allow attendees to join in 1-tap from their smartphones

✔️ Allow attendees to ‘set and forget’ their phone number to be called at call start time

✔️ As a host, you can now dial-out to late attendees to get them on a call






Finally, the call is underway, but wait, who’s on the call? How do I mute the room, who’s talking now?!

Fantastic! The call can finally begin. Are you sure everyone is here? Better do that roll call again, ugh. Ok, now that’s done, time to start…. ok, what’s that tapping sound? And who’s talking? Is it Sarah or Emma? If you don’t have a conference call dashboard, your abilities to host a good, productive call go out of the window. Unlucky.

❌ No more roll-calls that take yet even more time up

Who’s talking now? No more embarrassment, having to keep asking attendees to introduce themselves

❌ How can I be sure an attendee has left, before the conversation continues?


Take full control of your call; know who’s talking, mute individuals, kick and dial in more attendees, easily.

Feel confident in hosting conference calls – it should feel like childs play, and not the complexities of open heart surgery. Meetupcall offers a conference call dashboard that allows you to effortless take command of the call, and gives you the ability to do everything that could possibly be needed while in-call, all within a click or two.



✔️ Control who’s in or out of the call. Kick, mute or dial-out for new attendees in a click

✔️ Put faces to names, so you and everyone else knows who’s talking

✔️ Once call is complete, be safe in knowledge all have left and be presented with after-call tasks





Post call; unable to read your own notes? What about those that missed the call – are you going to regurgitate the call for them?

The sigh of relief everyone has once the call has finally been completed. Success! Oh wait, you had new tasks assigned to you, right? Let’s hope your note taking is up to scratch. Well, let’s also hope everyone else that has new tasks assigned can also write good notes while on a call.

❌ No more needing to be a whiz at note taking while conversing on a call

No more guessing when it comes to holes in your note taking

❌ No more blind faith in hoping everyone else makes good notes too


Record calls in a click. Share with all attendees in a click. Done. No more excuses for poor note taking.

Unless you’re a master in short hand, taking notes while on a call, while still being able to digest what is being discussed is nigh on impossible. However, if you can rely on a short hand skilled PA, great, but can they get things right 100% on every call? Of course not. Take call recordings and share with all, post call.



✔️ Share call recording with people that could not attend, or, didn’t need to attend, but could do with an ‘FYI’

✔️ Better note taking. No more hit and miss errors – re-listen to call and fully understand

✔️ Was your call for training purposes? Great for listening back to post-call

✔️ Send to a transcriber and then send out uni-formal notes to all





Meetupcall Ratings & Reviews

Meetupcall’s customer rating as of 8th March 2019 is 4.9/5 from 101 reviews. (Verify here).



Is Meetupcall right for your business?

Answer the below questions and get a good idea of if Meetupcall fits your business requirements:

New to conference calling?


Who are Meetupcall?

Multi-tasking is pretty much the norm for most business people, whether you are an owner-manager or part of an under-pressure executive team. The last thing you need is remote meetings or conference calls that drag on or suffer from constant interruptions. If you’re the one hosting the virtual meeting, your stress levels rise if keeping everyone connected and on track is like “herding kittens”. This could make Meetupcall conference call services a valuable business solution.

Virtual meetings – the easy way

The system has been designed and configured to make arranging, managing and joining conference calls as easy as possible. Meetupcall conference call services work with any device, across the globe, making remote working highly feasible and – dare we say it – fun! You can arrange a conference call in seconds. Then, you can get on with something else until Meetupcall let you know that everything is set up and you’re “good to go”. From a conference call dashboard that’s easy on the eye and easy to navigate, you can access a wide range of useful tools and features. This includes having a clear view of the names, faces, and job titles of everyone taking part in your conference call or virtual meeting.

Conference call costs for best fit

This brilliantly simple but smart conference call system offers various price points. The package of choice depends on how much time you will need each month, and what additional call tools would be of value. The entry point for smaller enterprises is the very affordable Pro, which includes 250 inclusive minutes, for up to 10 call leaders and 25 attendees per call. The levels build to Premium service. This includes 3,300 inclusive minutes, up to 50 call leaders and a generous 200 attendees per call.

Great additional features

Key features such as calendar integration are standard on all packages and free trials help you to get a good feel for Meetupcall’s highly responsive customer care. Making sure everyone you specify gets timely notifications and ease of access is also taken care of. There are no tricky PINs to remember, as the Meetupcall team contacts participants just before the call starts. When your conference call is underway, with one click the host can control the multi-participant conversation and co-ordinate any content sharing. Keeping the whole process optimised for time and purpose.




Key feature rundown

  • HD Audio – Intelligent software that helps filter out distracting noises, without the need for an expensive headset or conference phone
  • Conference Call Dashboard – Control your conference call, kick, block or help new attendees to join
  • Easy Invite – With a few clicks, attendees from all over the world will be given a personalised invite with localised dial-in numbers and call start time localised to time zone
  • Dial-Out – For problematic attendees who are finding it hard to join the call – call them in to the conference, rather than them navigating to the call
  • 1-Touch Dialin – No need to memorise dial-in phone numbers, conference call room details or passwords. Unique 1-click dial in details given to all attendees
  • Screenshare – More than just audio – show attendees what’s on your screen, be it a Powerpoint presentation or an Excel spreadsheet, they’ll see what you want them to see
  • Account Admin – Manage your companies conference call account easily. Control leaders, give additional access, or bulk add all employees in a few clicks
  • Conference Call Recordings – Don’t just rely on your notes, or that of others – replay the call to take better notes and/or share the original recording with everyone
  • Business Profiles – Put a face to the name of those attending the call, similar to top level info you would find on people that have a profile on LinkedIn
  • Branding – Have a fully branded conference call experience and create that wow factor with your customers on your conference calls
  • On-Hold Music – Set the mood of your conference call. One of the biggest points of contention can be the hold music – you can now decide what plays, not Meetupcall

Find the full feature list and further details, here.


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