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Callr is the new concept in conference calling, designed to make conference calls a simple, hassle-free and high quality experience for businesses of all shapes and sizes. For employees, dialing into conference calls can be an unwelcome hassle; long conference call numbers, meeting codes that are difficult to remember, and jittery lines are just a few of the complaints that are often made.

Callr puts an end to dialling into conference call numbers. This simple and reliable service will connect workers to any conference call – regardless of the provider used to set it up. Rather than dialling a conference number, employees simply enter their phone number into Callr, and Callr will then do all the hard work – connecting each participant into any scheduled calls.

Never miss a call again

Missing calls is a common problem for many busy workers – even when they’re synced into a calendar, it is still possible to miss or forget calls, leaving you to come up with awkward excuses. Thanks to Callr, you never have to miss a call or dial in late again. The service will simply call you, a minute before your call, ensuring that you are dialled in thirty minutes before it is scheduled to begin. How’s that for organisation!

Link to your calendar 

The Callr conference call service integrates with various calendars, making sure every meeting is recorded, and ready for dial-in. Compatible calendars include Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, iOS and Android. Callr also offers ultimate flexibility by working with all services; no matter what network you are using, it can connect you – there’s no need to get a new number or URL.

Furthermore, Callr is 100 percent secure, meaning that your event information is safe and private. In fact, Callr uses 256 bit AES and SSL encryption – offering the strongest security levels available on the market.


Rating & Reviews

1.7/5 from 13 Reviews*

Price Range

Upto $29

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